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Always the current breeder list on your own homepage

Always the current breeder list of ADRK Rottweilers on their own homepage

Weyhe, May 1st 2022

Among other things, we maintain the websites of the ADRK regional group LG 05 Weser-Ems, the ADRK district group BG Warturm (Bremen) and the ADRK district group BG Cuxhaven-Altenwalde. The abbreviation ADRK stands for the Allgemeine Deutsche Rottweiler Klub e.V. Because we didn’t want to maintain the dates on each of the above-mentioned websites, we have developed a database for the maintenance of the ADRK breeders, which can be easily integrated into other websites. A corresponding video will appear shortly, showing how the integration works very easily.

www.rottweiler.app - ADRK - Züchter-Liste

Never again maintain the breeder list for your LG or BG yourself!

Our free service for all dog clubs and associations

In our appointment management we offer you free of charge:

  • All breeders known to us
    • international associations,
    • national associations,
    • regional associations and
    • local clubs
  • You never have to manage the breeder list yourself again.
  • Breeders who have stopped breeding are automatically hidden.
  • The breeder list on your website is always up to date.
  • Various selection options
    • Only breeders of your BG (local group)
    • Only breeders of your LG (regional group) or
    • All ADRK-approved breeders
    • Any combination of breeders, e.g. the national association, one or more regional associations and your club and / or friendly clubs. You decide. We deliver for free!
  • Example:
    • ADRK Landesgruppe LG 05 Weser-Ems
    • ADRK Bezirksgruppe BG Warturm (Bremen)
    • ADRK Bezirksgruppe BG Cuxhaven-Altenwade
  • Also available for other pedigree dog breeding associations, dog sports associations, breeding associations etc. and their member associations or member clubs.



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