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The Rottweiler Haus in Rottweil

The Rottweiler Haus in Rottweil

Weyhe, January 24th 2023

If you ever travel to Rottweil in beautiful Baden-Württemberg with your Rottweiler, you cannot avoid a visit to the Rottweiler Haus, located at Klippeneckstraße 4, in the middle of Rottweil. This little shop is worth visiting at any time of the year. Rottweiler souvenirs, many beautiful gift items decorated with Rottweilers and a photo wall with dogs of our Rottweiler breed that have visited the Rottweiler House hang on a special wall.

Ulrike Lehmann, the owner of the Rottweiler house, runs this little shop with love and dedication. Visitors recognize this immediately as soon as they open the door to this gem in the heart of Rottweil.

That’s exactly where Renate and Claus Sattler, the publishers of www.ROTTWEILER.APP, went together with their Rottweiler Totilas vom Cherniy Kumir, called Silas, on January 24, 2023. Actually, listen to the word, actually we just wanted to get a taste of it. We had heard so much about this business at the shows and tournaments we visited and at the BG Warturm (Bremen) own dog training ground.

The Rottweiler in focus

Mrs. Lehmann welcomed us and especially Silas. Immediately, an instant photo had to be taken with the Polaroid camera for the already mentioned visitor gallery and one for us. Ms. Lehmann emphasized that anyone can shop with her. But if you come to your shop with a Rottweiler, you get the photo for free. You can’t buy that.

In the course of a nice chat then came what had to come. We asked where important contact points in Rottweil are for us dog lovers. In addition to the city museum and the bronze Rottweiler in front of it, Mrs. Lehmann was able to name umpteen other places that we had to visit. The city gate, where the last breeder lived in Rottweil, where the last kennel in the village stood, the market square, the sculptures by the artist Ottmar Hörl, one of which is also in front of the Rottweiler house. The march of hundreds of Rottweiler owners who demonstrated against the Attack Dog Ordinance in Rottweil. Literally: “The Rottweilers were calm and level-headed, only the non-Rottweilers, the other dogs, yapped and barked.”

In short, Ms. Lehmann gave us the tip, in addition to a road map of Rottweil with the sights specially marked by hand, that we should get the history of the Rottweiler from the tourist information office, which is available there in several languages.

A successful day all round

Renate, Silas and I enjoyed the day in Rottweil as some Rottweilers approached us and told us anecdotes about Rottweiler dogs in Rottweil and Silas was like the other Rottweilers visiting Rottweil that day , a great brand ambassador for our beloved breed.

Thanks to Ms. Lehmann, who gave us unforgettable impressions of Rottweil and the Rottweilers.



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