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Always up-to-date dates on your own homepage

Always up-to-date dates on our own homepage

Weyhe, March 14th.2022

We maintain the websites of the ADRK regional group LG 05 Weser-Ems, the ADRK district group BG Warturm (Bremen) and the district group BG Cuxhaven-Altenwalde. Because we didn’t want to maintain the appointments on each of the pages, we developed an appointment database that can be easily integrated into other websites. A corresponding video will appear shortly, showing how the integration works very easily.

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No more managing appointments for events yourself!

Our free service for all dog clubs and associations

In our appointment management we offer you free of charge:

  • All dates announced to us
    • international associations,
    • national associations,
    • regional associations and
    • local clubs
  • You’ll never have to manage appointments yourself again.
  • Expired appointments are automatically hidden.
  • The appointment offers on your website are always up to date.
  • Various selection options
    • Only dates of the pedigree dog association
    • Only dates of the regional association
    • Only appointments of your club
    • Any combination of dates, e.g. the national association, one or more regional associations and your club and / or friendly clubs. You decide. We deliver for free!
  • Example:
    • ADRK Landesgruppe LG 05 Weser-Ems
    • ADRK Bezirksgruppe BG Warturm (Bremen)
    • ADRK Bezirksgruppe BG Cuxhaven-Altenwade
  • Caniva integration
  • Also available for other pedigree dog breeding associations, dog sports associations, breeding associations etc. and their member associations or member clubs.



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