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A Rottweiler in a caravan trailer with his own dog box

A Rottweiler with his own dog box in the caravan trailer

Weyhe, Februar 2nd 2023

“Hi, my name is Claus Sattler and I’m looking for a hotel room from June 8th, 2023 to June 10th, 2023!” My first phone call began something like this and many more were to follow. The voice on the other end: “That’s no problem.” Me: “Are dogs allowed with you?” The lady in the hotel: “Sure, no problem at all. We would have four different room sizes available.” Me again: “I think we need the largest size. We have to put our flight box for the dog somewhere.” The reservations employee is confused: “Flight box? How big is your dog?” I replied, “It’s a little Rottweiler!” The voice on the other end of the line answered almost hysterically, “You want to live in our house with a fighting dog? No, really no, we can’t do that to our regular guests! Tut tut, tut, tut, tut…” Countless phone calls went something like this.

It’s amazing how intolerant and prejudiced people have become.

www.rottweiler.app - maßgeschneiderte Hundebox von Schmidt-Fahrzeugbau

A solution was needed!

My wife Renate and I just want to relax with our dog for a few days. Then the solution came to us. A mobile home is needed. After days it was clear that a mobile home is too inflexible, so a caravan trailer was needed. A caravan, “yes, it’s clear,” the German comedian Atze Schröder would say. Holidaying with a Rottweiler in a caravan trailer. OK, after a long search and an invitation to tender from dealers, which I could write a book about, we decided on a Fendt Bianco Activ 550 KMG and then bought it from our trusted dealer, Hujer GmbH from Isernhagen near Hanover, Germany, with a few extras ordered.

Why the Fendt Bianco Activ 550 KMG?

The Fendt Bianco Activ 550 KMG has, if you fold up the rear, lower cot, a large “garage” as you know it from the mobile home. Space for a spacious dog box, with which we can then go to shows, tournaments and on vacation together with our Rottweiler Totilas by Cherniy Kumir, called Silas.

The dog box for the Fendt Bianco Activ 550 KMG!

Who builds high-quality, safe, roadworthy boxes for large, admittedly not feather-light dogs? On top of that, it has to be particularly light for installation and removal, preferably made of aircraft aluminum. After thorough research, only Schmidt-Fahrbau GmbH from Eigeltingen-Honstetten in beautiful Hegau, east of the Black Forest, was able to do. So our very first camping holiday with a caravan had to go from Weyhe near Bremen to the deepest Black Forest for winter camping in the snow so that we could measure the dog box on site at Schmidt Fahrzeugbau and, above all, try out the assembly.

After we had measured everything in advance, received a good offer and placed the order, Renate, Silas and I drove to Eigeltingen-Honstetten together with the caravan trailer at the end of January 2023 and the caravan trailer was measured in such a way that the box could go through the rear garage hatch easily installed in the caravan trailer and can also be removed again.

In short, we were able to receive the new dog box today, February 2nd, 2023 at Schmidt Fahrzeugbau together with anti-slip mats under and in the dog box. You can see the result in the following photos. Thanks to the team from Schmidt Fahrzeugbau, to Mr. Braun and Mr. Schuler, that everything worked out just in time and that we can now go on vacation with Silas in our own hotel room on wheels.

Never again: “Tut, tut, tut, tut …”



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